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Life-Changing Benefits from The Stimulation Treatment

Pain, numbness and tingling are some of the unpleasant and even debilitating sensations that people feel throughout different areas of their feet. Until you find effective relief, you may have trouble walking and remaining active.
The Stimulation Treatment may alleviate the sensations that are causing you physical pain and emotional stress so that you can return to your regular activities.

The Stimulation Treatment

The Stimulation Treatment works on pain through a method called electric cell signaling (EST). The EST treatments work to reestablish normal cellular healing. It provides pain relief due to:

  • Ligand/hormone activity imitation

  • pH normalization

  • Improved membrane permeability

  • Trophic improvement

  • Activation of Regeneration — cAMP (Cell repair and normalization)

  • Immune system support (Gap Junction) through enhanced communication cell-to-cell


The Stimulation Treatment is the only EST device published in multiple medical journals and used in clinical research proving the ability to heal tissue and regenerate nerves.

The Stimulation Treatment is an FDA Cleared & Medicare/Insurance Accepted Treatment for:

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FDA-Cleared Treatment That Provides True Pain Relief

This is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes electric cell signaling to provide immediate and lasting relief. As a proven and effective treatment, The Stimulation Treatment is covered by Medicare and by most major health insurance plans. Our team is excited to tell you more about The Treatment and to help you experience its incredible benefits.

The Pain Relief Treatment That Will Change Your Life

Diabetes and pre-diabetes are unfortunately common health issues that can have serious impacts on life and health. As many as 90 percent of the 100 million people with these conditions will eventually suffer from peripheral neuropathy. This can be debilitating pain that takes a serious toll on each person’s life in different ways. The good news is that there is now an effective treatment that actually promotes healing at the cellular level. The Stimulation Treatment uses patented technology to direct sequential and random patterns of energy waves to the targeted area. This energy is applied painlessly via electrodes that are temporarily placed on the skin. After the treatment is complete, you can walk out of the office without the need for a lengthy recovery period. More than that, you can feel relief after the first treatment.


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