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Proven Neuropathy Pain Relief Without Surgery

The Stimulation Treatment can help you get back to the quality of life you desire and deserve.


Stop missing out on life, live more pain free and with more mobility and start enjoying the activities you miss, your family, work, gardening, exercise, and travel. The Treatment is a great way to get you to start loving life again.


The Stimulation Treatment is for chronic and acute, drug-resistant and intractable (long-term) pain. This system provides specific-parameter signaling for muscle strengthening, efficacious neuromuscular reeducation, and muscle spasm activity relaxation.

The Stimulation Treatment works on pain through a method called electric cell signaling (EST). The EST treatments work to reestablish normal cellular healing. It provides pain relief due to:

  • Ligand/hormone activity imitation

  • pH normalization

  • Improved membrane permeability

  • Trophic improvement

  • Activation of Regeneration — cAMP (Cell repair and normalization)

  • Immune system support (Gap Junction) through enhanced communication cell-to-cell


The Stimulation Treatment is the only EST device published in multiple medical journals and used in clinical research proving the ability to heal tissue and regenerate nerves.

The Stimulation Treatment is an FDA Cleared & Medicare/Insurance Accepted Treatment for:

Aspen Medical- Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic -Mesa, Arizona

How The Treatment Works

At Aspen Medical, we provide effective relief for our patients in and around Mesa Arizona through Stimulation Treatment electro-therapy. This new treatment for nerve pain and other types of pain is FDA-approved, and it is covered by Medicare and most major health insurance plans.

The unfortunate reality is that more than 20 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy, and millions of others suffer from arthritic pain, muscle spasms, pain from poor circulation and more. At our pain clinic, our goal is to help you achieve a pain-free state so that you can once again enjoy life to the fullest.

Living Chronic Pain

When you are living with chronic pain or other conditions, you understandably do not want to expose yourself to additional and unnecessary pain and trauma from surgery. You also do not want to deal with potentially developing an addiction to medications or utilize treatments that are unproven and expensive. When you arrive at Aspen Medical, you will meet with a neuropathy specialist who will assess your health status and determine if this is a suitable treatment for your condition.

Aspen Medical- Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic -Mesa, Arizona

The Stimulation Treatment works by re-tuning the electric cell signals in your body so that communication between your cells is restored and optimized. The treatment is completed in the comfortable environment of our pain clinic. Special contact points or electrodes are applied to various areas of the skin, and these areas are determined by your specific health concerns or conditions. Electrical signals are sent painlessly through your body to stimulate the neural pathways and the cells in your tissues. These signals vary in intensity and pattern to produce results. Through The Treatment, blood flow to the affected areas is improved, and muscles are relaxed to eliminate spasms.Specifically, the electro-therapy treatment promotes the natural health of damaged tissues and nerve pathways. By doing so, the treatment can be used for phlebothrombosis prevention via post-surgical stimulation, muscle relaxation, neuro-muscular re-education, improved range of motion and more.The energy in your cells resonates throughout your body. This electric cell signaling must remain optimized in order for your cells to communicate effectively and to transfer energy as needed. The Stimulation Treatment improves electric cell signaling so that all of your damaged tissues and neural pathways have optimal energy levels for elevated health. While this non-invasive treatment can immediately promote healing and pain relief, long-term use may prevent muscular atrophy and other serious health issues. No anesthesia is required for this painless procedure, and there is no downtime associated with post-treatment recovery. Many of our patients notice immediate relief before they leave the office. For some conditions, long-term treatments are necessary for superior results.


Call our office at to schedule your FREE consultation to see if  The Stimulation Treatment is right for you!

Aspen Medical- Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic -Mesa, Arizona 

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