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Joint Tissue

Arthritis is among the most common causes of joint pain. There are more than 100 types of arthritis that can affect any joints throughout the body, and the condition typically worsens over time despite treatment efforts. Through The Stimulation Treatment, the damage to the cartilage and tissues between and around the joints can be properly stimulated to promote natural healing.

The Stimulation Treatment

The Stimulation Treatment works on chronic and acute, drug-resistant and intractable (long-term) pain. This system provides specific-parameter signaling for muscle strengthening, efficacious neuromuscular reeducation, and muscle spasm activity relaxation.

The Stimulation Treatment works on pain through a method called electric cell signaling (EST). The EST treatments work to reestablish normal cellular healing. It provides pain relief due to:

  • Ligand/hormone activity imitation

  • pH normalization

  • Improved membrane permeability

  • Trophic improvement

  • Activation of Regeneration — cAMP (Cell repair and normalization)

  • Immune system support (Gap Junction) through enhanced communication cell-to-cell

The Stimulation Treatment is the only EST device published in multiple medical journals and used in clinical research proving the ability to heal tissue and regenerate nerves.

The Stimulation Treatment is an FDA Cleared & Medicare/Insurance Accepted Treatment for:

Aspen Medical- Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic -Mesa, Arizona

Have you been told you may Need Nerve Decompression Surgery?

Surgery is painful and expensive. It is associated with a lengthy recovery period, and there are not always guarantees that surgical treatment will work. The Stimulation Treatment gives you hope for effective pain relief without the downsides that come with surgery.

Aspen Medical- Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic -Mesa, Arizona

When you initially contact us, we will set up a consultation appointment so that we can determine if you are a good candidate for The Stimulation Treatment or if another treatment is a better alternative. During the consultation, you can get all of your questions answered so that you can feel confident and relaxed on the day of your treatment.


Call our office at to schedule your FREE consultation to see if The Stimulation Treatment is right for you!

Aspen Medical- Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic -Mesa, Arizona 

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